Born in Phoenix, AZ in '84, grew up in Lancaster, PA and South Bend, IN, then attended Purdue University. Dropped out after two years and felt a calling to move to Tucson, where I finished my undergraduate studies and earned my bachelor's degree in Philosophy at the University of Arizona. I received my master's in Counseling Psychology from Prescott College.

Meditation has been a regular practice of mine since 2005, shortly after moving to Tucson, utilizing it to manage severe anxiety.

I began practicing yoga asana in 2007 and have been teaching it since 2010.

Tibetan Buddhism became central in my life in 2010, and since then I have been devoted to intense study and practice of its philosophy.

I began my career as a mental health therapist in 2011 and have provided services in the Tucson community as well as the Arizona state prison system. I currently work at the University of Arizona as a Mental Health Clinician.